C    O    M    P    A    N    Y


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The warm comfort that carpet provides is
 not just your imagination. Carpet is a
 natural insulator, providing additional
 warmth in cold periods and increases the
 insulation level of your home.

Choose from smooth Velvet, Chunky Loops,
 low maintenance Twists, striking Stripes

We encourage our clients to borrow any
 amount of sample books from our library to
 test the floor coverings in the setting of
 their own homes

Child-Friendly Velvets (even make-up!)

Tough Twists - great colours

Not so nasty nylons – great for short term
 jobs or rentals

100% Wool and Wool blends to suit every budget



Carpet which is correctly installed and well fitted will not only look good but will retain its appearance for longer.
Remember that carpet fitting is a skill and should be left to an expert. There is also no such thing as ‘free fitting’.


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